Design and engineering services

Design offer

Investors often forget how important the design is for their investment as a whole. Its diminutive cost related to the money spend on the project defines technical solutions that can considerably limit the future expenditure.

This is why we as designers attempt to understand the needs and expectations of our customers.

The first step is always a creative draft of the design that defines the most important solutions and dimensions of the investment. After we reach the agreement with the customer we can start the main design work. Depending on the requirements we deal with the local utilities media providers, the local conservator, the road administration, etc. The final stage is to apply the project to the local administration in order to obtain planning and building permission.

Our designs include single and multi-family housing, hotels and buildings for business. If a customer requires an alteration in the existing usable areas we offer interior design including decor.

Our road offer includes car parks designs, manoeuvre lots and roads. We also make arrangements with the authorities and the local roads administrators. Our design is prepared in accordance with the investor’s guidelines and current legal acts and regulations


Design offer